Dear Practice Owners,

When I talk with doctors, dentists and other medical professionals, I'm often surprised to hear how difficult it is for them to attract new patients to their practice. Many are ready to take their practices to the next level or increase their monthly revenue, but are unsure about what really works.

If you've been struggling to find new patients or are just looking for another great way to pump up your marketing efforts, Neighborhood Greetings can help. Our proven system can help you profitably attract new patients to your practice each and every month.

The fact is, Neighborhood Greetings has been helping medical professionals like you find new patients since 1982. We provide a complete marketing program that is directly targeted to people who are in search of a new medical practitioner.

How do we find these people?
Simple -- Census Bureau statistics indicate that one out of ten Americans will move in any given year. Each new person that moves into your area is a potential patient. We can help you reach these people! We work with several hundred companies that provide us the names and addresses of their current customers who move into your zip codes.

How Our Program Works

Each month we identify, by zip code, the new people who have moved into your area, aka "new movers". We cross check the new movers lists against each other to verify the move, CASS certify the lists with the Post Office to ensure they are accurate and deliverable and verify the data through the National Change of Address system. We provide you with the names and addresses of these potential new patients.

Our Program Is Customized For You!

As a Neighborhood Greetings client, YOU WILL HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO THE LIST IN YOUR AREA. You determine the zip codes that are most important to your office and we take care of the rest! We offer a variety of new mover mailing list packages to suit your needs and budget.

Would you like to target specific demographics instead?
We can take care of that too. See our demographic mailings section for more information on how we can customize our lists by zip codes, age range, income level and many other criteria!

We Guarantee our Lists!

Our extensive computer process cross checks the names against all of our sources. We utilize the most up to date verification processes in conjunction with the US Post Office to identify and remove duplicates to ensure the most accurate and up to date list possible. We are so confident in our lists that we GUARANTEE 100% DELIVERABILITY OF ALL NAMES! This list is NOT available anywhere else.

Can This Really Work for Me?

Direct mail is a proven way to obtain new clients for your business, but you may be wondering -- Will this program work for my office? Let us put your fears to rest by answering some of the most frequently asked questions we get when we speak to professionals just like you.

Are these lists real?

Absolutely... We guarantee our list to be completely accurate and deliverable. Any address that is returned by the Post Office will be credited to your account.

How Many Names Do I Get?

Check out how active your zip code(s) are Click Here.

Ready to get started?
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By providing monthly new mover mailing lists and demographic mailing lists, Neighborhood Greetings helps chiropractic and dental practices advertise and build new patients from new or existing homeowners in local markets.
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